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“Ahh!” L hissed, cursing his misplaced movements. Breathing a shaken sigh as he ran his burnt hand under cold water, another unneeded injury to the list of two. As cold as his personality might seem, it doesn’t numb the stinging pain, he tried to cover up his neck injury with his bandana, but also used bandage underneath in fear of causing his bandana to turn red.
It took most of his strength to run here with that feeble but luxurious women, he wasn’t some energetic, go-happy, enthusiastic sprite like the red hat, he was an inventor, damn it-A genius! Never created for hard labour and yet now he had been launched into the warzone by his incapable ‘other half’. L glanced to the window; the rising sun causing the horizon to be clouded with a distasteful orange, causing the forest tree’s to glow as if they were set alight and burning. It would surely be a long day, hours before anyone would find them, and still safe ‘til dusk. Now was the tough decision, barricade the mansion, or keep running. This was mere survival now.
But for now, he had to tend to the mistress upstairs.  He walked into the bedroom with tray in hand, for a split second his grey eyes only saw an empty room, then just before he could react a sharp sensation against his throat quelled his confusion. He scoffed, “Not quite the damsel in distress as I imagined.”

Hayley stood firm, her body covered by velvet robes and both hands gripping a small pocket knife she had taken from L’s overalls when he jumped on her. “The opposite, don’t mess with me.” She hissed.

L squirmed slightly as pressure was placed on the blade, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He questioned, inevitably causing confusion. “Do you even know where you are? And what is going on? I thought it was common sense to not kill a man with intel.”

“Shut it,” Hayley spat, knowing he was right. “I could use torture to get it out of you.” She bluffed.

“Oh dear, no need to go overboard darling, if you want to know just ask.” His eyes crawling to her own and her once furious face calmed. It seemed this princess was truly a vixen in disguise, a lucky find. “Now, do you want some tea?”

Hayley huffed; negotiating with this man was useless. “Sure, but you have to promise to answer all of my questions.”

“No problem,” He perched the tray on a small table, and then pulled out a seat for his lady.

Hayley grunted, but humbly took his offer of a chair. Watching closely as he poured fragrant tea into a shamelessly elegant cup. She took it when he was finished and just before taking a sip he asked a question, causing her to numb with thought.

“I assume you do not remember me?” He asked.

“Remember?” She furrowed a brow, “I am sure I would have remembered a man like you.”

L chuckled, enjoying her arrogance, “You’re thinking too much in the present. I recollect you from mere childhood.” It was true. He was certain that this princess once lived among the human world, and then crossed dimensions just as the red plumber did. Positive that when Mario and his other half were young, they knew her, but the specifics were hazy.

“Well my younger years draw me a blank. I simply cannot remember, and besides, wouldn't it be Luigi whom I remember?”  She spoke harshly but in her taunt elegant tongue, years of strict royal
upbringing altered her vocabulary.

L merely shrugged, a painting of distain on his face. “I suppose. Some call me an alter-ego,” He cleared his throat, “But I feel that I have always been the one in control.”

Hayley huffed; she had no sympathy for the man. “Then step back and hand the reins back over to Luigi, that man was far more charming.”

L laughed, “No thank you, and besides, you’re far safer in my hands then that clumsy oaf,” L reminisced for a moment. “Although he did provide a good spyglass for the finer moments in life, I recall you being a fine, pure women,” He leaned forward, his soulless white eyes gazing into her own. “So then… Who trained you to hold a knife like that?”

Hayley mentally cursed, he already put two and two together. “No one trained me,” She huffed, “I taught myself.”

L scoffed, “Oh? Taught yourself? You dwindled your time in a large tower guarded by a ferocious dragon while your knight in shining armour went to the wrong castle, you used this time to teach yourself how to use a penknife?”

“Shut up!”

“I thought not,” L slammed his hand of the table, causing both their cups to shudder. “Now, will you be truthful with me ma’am?”

This man was persistent, “Only if you agree tell me your intentions.”

“Deal.” L agreed to her conditions.

“Fine,” Hayley sighed, “It’s true, I grew up in the real world,” Depending on what you class as ‘real’ that is, “I also grew up in a very rough area, and I got into a gang of thugs… I am not proud of what I did in that gang, but they are the ones that taught me to fight.”

L leaned back, frustration and regret glazing her eyes, how did this street leech become a wealthy princess? L didn’t question, for there was only one on this mind, “Did you ever kill?"

Hayley physically jolts, suddenly feeling her tea travel up to her throat in a sickening sensation, she breathes, “No… Not back then.”

L waits patiently for a moment, as if there was more to the story. This princess had blood on her hands; she could put Peach to shame, or in a coffin.

“But… Back when I was talking to err-Luigi, he asked me what was the most shameful thing I had ever done,” She nervously chuckled as she recalled her half-hearted answer, “I only spoke half the truth, as a girl I became angry with one of my toad servants and pushed him into a garden pond…” She gagged slighting, recalling that she had told the green clad man it was the ‘toad’s fault’ and that ‘he didn’t seem to mind’.

“You drowned him.” L coldly stated, causing the brunette to jump once more, but as she gathered herself, she only shook her head.

“Untrue,” She quivered, “…H-he couldn’t swim.” His blood curdling cries for help ringing in her ears, but she simply watched, never got anyone, just, watched, until he stopped struggling. The next morning she watched from her window his lifeless corpse be fished from the water, and be delivered in a black body bag to his grieving family at the palaces gates.

L breathed a deep sigh, stirring his tea slowly. “You watched him die.”

Hayley couldn’t verbally respond, but simply nodded instead.

“That is pretty cold.”

“I know damn it!” What happened to the gentleman? L seemed too patronising to be true, almost as if he was enjoying her sorrow, but what he did next almost made her stomach turn.

“It’s perfect,” A sadistic grin twisted into view, “Doing something like that is not what the average person would, but it shows a key instinct that the average human being is missing; Instinct.” He bellowed a laugh, “You, Hayley, hold the key instinct of survival of the fittest, and that, is just perfect.”

Hayley was bewildered, how could a cold-hearted murder be seen as a good thing? Maybe this was the mad man’s idea of being supportive.

L stood, his grey eyes suddenly shinning. “Hayley miss, if you look outside that window behind you, I am sure you will see nothing. But I foretell that this mansion will be ransacked and most likely burned to that ground in no less than twenty four hours.”

“What?!” Hayley jumped from her chair, she turned to the window instinctively, and saw nothing as foretold, but there was an eerie fog clouding the trees, it caused her to feel uneasy.

“You may choose to not believe me,” He dropped to one knee, ready to propose a truce, “But I swear that you will regret that decision.”

Hayley watched as he bowed his head and raised a gloved hand, she took a step back but no further, as if his dark presence was willing her to trust in him.

“The apocalypse is upon us…” He faced upward once more, a striking grin followed, “Will you survive with me?”

Hayley belted a laugh, “What kind of proposal is that?”

“A fitting one given the consequences,” All is it a little untraditional. “A deal?” He asked once more.

She begrudgingly gave him her hand. “Call it an unwilling partnership.”

L hopped to his feet, pecking a kiss to her hand as he stood. “If I must.”
Distance Between: Part 4
Part 1: invaderzimrulesall.deviantart.…
Part 2: invaderzimrulesall.deviantart.…
Part 3: invaderzimrulesall.deviantart.…

Requested From: :iconwhisperingwinds1299: Requests other than this are not open as present time. 15/02/15

Of course before an explanation I need to give a round of applause to the original author, for events I do not know was unable to continue this story, which they did extremely well in writing.
This is part 4, continued from parts 1,2 & 3 (links above) written by: :iconinvaderzimrulesall: 
Sorry for it's shortness, *place excuses here*, I felt if I kept you waiting much longer I would be given a grand telling odd. Why am I talking like an old englishman? This is what happens when you write Mr.L's cameo for too long

It was slightly difficult continuing from another persons work, I am sure our writing styles a VAST in comparison. Plus, I have no idea what the original author had in mind, which is very useful! But either way I'm probably going to slingshot this story into a deep abyss of destruction, death, fire and well, vampires. 

I used THIS chapter to help myself mentally construct the characters to my own plot, the end result is probably swinging their personalities 180.
Anyway, hope you like! Next chapter: Err, Motorbikes? Mario? Deeper plot explanation hopefully!
To my watches who still have the journal box ticked for me: I wonder if you'll recognise me? My last Journal was written the 14th of March 2014, my last deviation, 22nd of January 2014. Pathetic isn't it? I deserted my loyal followers and friends for a year with nothing more than a silly goodbye note, then left my account to rot and fade into nothing more than a forgotten dream.
I'm not sure what compelled me to sign back in to my DA account on the New Year, to reminisce? Maybe. But it was humbling to look back at all my old works, my uncompleted projects and just think at how much-and how little I've truly progressed.

So it's a New Year; A fresh start! I've decided to reopen my channel, re-design and re-motivate myself! In the next coming days I will be uploading new stories and mixing things up a little. I believe that my Mario fandom is dead and gone-Some of you might notice that my Distant Memories story is missing, I have removed it so there is no confusion on it's completion, I doubt it will ever be finished unfortunately.
I have begun new fandoms, and written new adventures, some of which I hope you enjoy. 

So to anyone who's reading this. Thank you.
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